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The 1st round of the Portugal National Championship was held the first weekend of March on the Torres Vedras track. It was a highly anticipated race as all of the top racers were there(almost 70 drivers) and all wanted a spot at the podium for the beginning of the season.

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In the qualifying heats i was rolling very fast and consistent but a flame-out caused by a rock interrupted my run. The two next qualifying heats were much better but with a few mistakes here and there.

I was sent to the 1/4 final with in the number 1 position. During the 1/4 final I focused on consistent driving to ensure me a spot in the semi B.

During the semi, things got tougher, but at the track of Torres Vedras the most important thing is consistency. I ended in the 3rd position of the semi B, guaranteeing a spot at the final.

semi B:

1. Miguel Matias
2. Pedro Figueiredo
3. Ricardo Monteiro XRAY XB808
4. Tiago Parreira
5. Joseph Quagraine

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In the beginning of the final, unusually, I had a good start and I was in 4th place, just behind Matias, Rodrigo Luis and Carlos Duraes. By the time we were getting ready for the first fuel stop, I had already been able to overtake the pilots that were ahead of me and when I pulled in for fuel I was in the lead position.

From the first fuel stop until the end of the final it remained the same. I kept my 1st place being very consistent and one of the fastest ones on track.
The final ended with my very first victory in a national championship.

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Final results:

1. Ricardo Monteiro XRAY XB808

2. Tiago Parreira
3. Pedro Figueiredo
4. Joseph Quagraine
5. Jorge Augusto

With the strong success at this race, we’re looking forward to the rest of the championship series. Let´s see what the future will bring us.

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Ricardo Monteiro's Set-up sheet.