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Race Report by www.fanatix.gr
The first race of 2009 took place at the R1 Track. Team XRAY was there with more cars than any other brand and satisfied drivers who tried for best results out of 45 participants:
• 20 cars out of 45
• 4 cars in the A final
• 4 cars in the B final
• 2 cars on the A final podium 1st and 3rd place
• XRAY winner of the B final

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A final results

1. Piknis XRAY NT1

2. Kirkos
3. Likaris XRAY NT1
4. Makris XRAY NT1

5. Sidiropoulos
6. Zaharopoulos
7. Psaros XRAY NT1
8. Malisovas
9. Petroglou
10. Karabelas

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B final

1. Gazetas XRAY NT1
4. Polimeros XRAY NT1
6. Gaitis XRAY NT1
8. Louis XRAY NT1

Congratulations to all XRAY drivers for their efforts and XRAY, FRM, Evolution, RCmaniacs, and RCworld for their support.

Photos by www.rcmaniacs.com