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Race Report by Meik Niemann
Round 3 of ETS series was held in Warsaw, Poland. The ETS Series is one of the most popular Touring Car series in Europe.

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On Saturday morning the racing started with two practice rounds followed by four rounds of qualification. In Pro Stock it was Tamiya driver Daniel Wohlgemuth who won the first two rounds of qualification. But then SMI/XRAY driver Meik Niemann set the fastest times in qualification rounds three and four, putting him in the TQ spot.

Sunday morning saw the last round of qualification. Daniel Wohlgemuth set the fastest time in Pro Stock, but SMI/XRAY driver Niemann had the two fastest qualification runs which meant he claimed the TQ spot over Daniel.

XRAY driver Meik Niemann won all three final rounds which gave him the overall win in Pro Stock. His last final was very impressive. After the start, Meik got into trouble and fell back to 4th place. But one of his best characteristics is that he is a ‶final fighter.※ With absolutely brilliant driving he overtook the top three drivers and won the third A-Main.

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Pro Stock Overall results

1. Meik Niemann - XRAY T2'009

2. Daniel Wohlgemuth
3. Balint Rajki
4. Dai Sakaguchi
5. Oliver Näthe
6. Zdenko Kunák XRAY T2'009

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Photos by www.redrc.net