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Race Report by Steven Weiss
The last Quali Race of the German 2009 Nationals was held in Ettlingen Germany. Team XRAY drivers Dirk Wischnewski and Steven Weiss took part in this race as well as many other skilled drivers.

A few weeks ago Dirk won the German Nationals with his XRAY NT1 and once again proved to be one of the nation’s top drivers, dominating the qualification races and taking the TQ ahead of Steven Weiss and Sebastian Kunz.

Unfortunately, Dirk was very unlucky in the beginning of the Finals and lost 3 laps after a problem with his car. It was Steven Weiss with his XRAY NT1, who took the lead and and never looked back winning the Finals ahead of Dirk Wischnewski and Sebastian Kunz.

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Final results

1. Steven Weiss XRAY NT1
2. Dirk Wischnewski XRAY NT1

3. Sebastian Kunz
4. Andreas Schuch XRAY NT1
5. Jan Richter