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Race Report by Hugo Ragaut
The second round of the French Nationals was held on April 25-26 in Lentilly, a famous nitro track. The weather was good on Saturday but rainy on Sunday. We were able to complete 4 rounds of qualifying on Saturday, but due to weather Sunday’s qualifiers were cancelled.

In the qualifying rounds XRAY driver Arnaud Soulignac secured the Top Qualifier position.

Qualification results:

1. Arnaud Solignac XRAY T2'009
2. Jerome Carpentier XRAY T2'009

3. Cyril N'Diaye
4. Hugo Ragaut XRAY T2'009
5. Loic Jasmin
6. Aurélien Threhout XRAY T2'009
7. Alexandre Dusard
8. Jeremy Limoges XRAY T2'009
9. Walter Pollet-Villard XRAY T2'009

10. Julien Galineau

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For the finals, the weather became increasingly rainy and we saw lots of driver experiencing mechanical troubles. Loic Jasmin made the best on these difficult conditions, followed by XRAY driver Jérémy Limoges and Cyril N'Diaye.

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Final results:
1. Loic Jasmin
2. Jeremy Limoges XRAY T2'009
3. Cyril N'Diaye
4. Jerome Carpentier XRAY t2'009
5. Aurelien Threhout T2'009

6.Alexandre Dusard
7. Julien Galineau
8. Arnaud Solignac XRAY T2'009
9. Hugo Ragaut XRAY T2'009
10. Walter Pollet Villard XRAY T2'009

I want to thank XRAY and RB products for their support.