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Race Report by Freddy SĂĽdhoff
The 2009 German Summer Champs were held in Hannoversch MĂĽnden last weekend on the same track as for the upcoming German Nationals in September. Many drivers used this race for practice. Approximately 90 competitors in three categories started on the nice and very technical track.

The event began on Friday with open practice for all drivers. On Saturday morning the qualifying started, and XRAY drivers were able to set the fastest lap times in Modified, Stock and Hobby categories.

In Modified it was Team XRAY driver Freddy SĂĽdhoff who set the fastest lap times and he also set a new track record with 13,1sec. He also won every qualifying round and put his T2’009 in the TQ spot.

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In Stock, SMI/ XRAY driver Thomas Mirke won one qualifying round and put his XRAY in second spot for the final rounds.
1. Oliver Näthe
2. Thomas Mirke XRAY T2’009
3. Kai Simontowitz

In Hobby category it was XRAY driver Stephan PaĂźlack who put his XRAY in the top spot.
1. Stephan PaĂźlack XRAY T2’009
2. Christian Wehrmann
3. Steffen Haase


The finals started on Sunday afternoon and here again the XRAY drivers showed great performances in all categories.

Modified was dominated by Team XRAY driver Freddy SĂĽdhoff. He won all three A-Mains and secured the 2009 German Summer Champion title.

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1. Freddy SĂĽdhoff XRAY T2’009
2. Sebastian Lein
3. Dennis Fadtke
4. Kevin Sparbier
5. Tobias Vogel
6. Alexander Löbel
7. Thorsten Lewandofski XRAY T2’009
8. Uwe Reimers XRAY T2’009

9. Christoph Merten
10. Daniel Gräsl

In Stock category there was a great battle between TQ-man Oliver Näthe and SMI/ XRAY driver Thomas Mirke. The first A-Main was a nice and clean win for Mirke followed by Oliver Näthe. The second and third A-Mains were won by Oliver Näthe over Thomas Mirke. Both fought hard and fairly and showed great racing at a high level.

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1. Oliver Näthe
2. Thomas Mirke XRAY T2’009
3. Thomas Musial
4. Martin Schmidt
5. Kai Simontowitz
6. Sascha Mohr XRAY T2’009
7. Rico Tonert XRAY T2’009
8. Sascha Speck
9. Kevin Blume XRAY T2’009
10. Nico Hoppe

The Hobby category also had great finals. It was TQ-man Stepahn PaĂźlack who secured the overall win with his XRAY, giving him the overall win and the German Summer Champion title in Hobby.

1. Stephan PaĂźlack XRAY T2’009
2. Christian Wehrmann
3. Torsten Schmidt XRAY T2’008
4. Steffen Haase
5. Thomas Felsch
6. Jonas Bornkessel
7. Hans-GĂĽnther Heitsch
8. Axel MĂĽller XRAY T2’008
9. Marcel Schmutzler
10. Daniel Fischer XRAY T2’008