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The 2nd round of the Swiss Championship took place on June 6-7 in Oey. Saturday saw non-stop rain virtually the entire day, which hampered training. The forecast for Sunday gave a 50-percent chance of rain. Sunday morning it was still drizzling, leaving the track slightly wet. As the day started to warm up the track quickly dried and the rain held off for the rest of the day.

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Grip was poor as a result of the rain on Saturday and the ideal line was dirty. The grip improved after the 1st and 2nd qualifiers, however, and the track became faster.
Our Xrays performed well and we qualified for starting positions 1, 3 and 4. Mario Rigert took the TQ followed by Ronny and Sacha Lnenicka.

1. Mario Rigert XRAY T2'009
3. Ronny Lnenicka XRAY T2'009
4. Sacha Lnenicka XRAY T2'009


Ronny won the first final, with Sacha taking second place. Mario was bumped from behind in an unfair move and dropped down to a mid-range position. Sacha won the second final. Mario was bumped from behind for the second time and moved from the top spot back down again into the middle ranks. The race director did not impose the necessary stop and go penalty. After the last round, there was nothing to choose from between Sacha and Ronny’s points. Sacha Lnenicka took overall first place thanks to his faster time, with Ronny in second. Mario was pushed down into 6th position.

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Final results

1. Sacha Lnenicka XRAY T2'009
2. Ronny Lnenicka XRAY T2'009
6. Mario Rigert XRAY T2'009

We look forward to the next race in Lostallo.

Team XRAY Swiss