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Race Report by Nuno Gancho
The last race of the Portuguese National Championship was held at the Maia track on September 6th. This race would determine the National Champion in both the classes: Stock and Modified.

Team XRAY was poised to fight for the Championship in both the class with Pedro Canastra, Nelson Santos and Rui Almeida in Stock; Nuno Gancho and Joao Martinho in Modified.

In Modified, Nuno Gancho only qualified in 3rd place, while Joao Martinho got into the B final due to problems with his tires.

In the first final, Nuno Gancho had an accident in the famous chicane in the first lap so he decided to not continue racing in order to save tires. In the second final, Nuno Gancho won the race.

So everything would be determined in the last final. All pilots gave their maximum, and after an intense race Nuno Gancho was crowned the 2009 Portuguese National Champion with support from XRAY. Joao Malveiro finished 3rd overall, Joao Martinho finished 4th overall, and Hugo Miguel finished 5th overall. XRAY had 4 of the top 5 Modified pilots in the winner circle.

Overall Portugese championship results:

1. Nuno Gancho XRAY T2'009

3. Joao Malveiro XRAY T2'009
4. Joao Martinho XRAY T2'009
5. Hugo Miguel XRAY T2'009