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Race report by Danni Eyde-Nielsen
Round 2 of the Danish championship was held Sunday, November 1st ans was hosted by the FOM club in Fakse. This was my debut race with the new XRAY T3!

My car felt very good, and was pretty fast right from the first practice round. I was happy with the new car; it was so easy to drive and it had a lot of steering and cornering speed. I had tested it two times on my home track (Broendby Racing Club), beat the lap time record, and was only 1 second from the overall time record!

1st Qualifier:
From the first lap it was Soeren Boy Holst who took the lead with his new T3. He was driving some good lap times while I was fighting with my car. I choose not to try the tires in the practice, which resulted in my first 5 lap times being very bad. After the 5 laps, I started to catch Soeren. I came closer to him lap after lap, and after 2 minutes I was in the lead. My car was very good now, and I set the fastest lap times of all drivers. My car was so good, I could just relax and it still drove good lap times. I ended in 1st position and Soeren came in 2nd

2nd qualifier:
Because my car was so good in the last heat, I decided to not make any changes to it. I tried another additive because my car lost traction in the final minute. I took the lead from the beginning and was slowly pulling away from the other guys. Soeren was in 2nd place along with Michael Johnsen in 3rd (also with a T3). After 3 minutes it was T3 1-2-3! Unfortunately, Michael made a mistake which put him off the track and he lost two positions. I ended up winning and improving my overall time by 2 seconds. Soeren finished 2nd again.

3rd qualifier:
I was a bit relaxed for this qualifier since Soeren was 4 seconds behind me. I took the lead from the first lap and was pulling away pretty fast from the other guys, but I made one mistake. Soeren was now close to me and we were driving almost identical times. Soeren had really improved this time and was driving really fast with his T3. I was still in the lead with a 0.9sec lead over Soeren. Soeren started to lose power after 4 minutes, so he was dropping 0.3sec per lap. I finished 1st and Soeren finished 2nd.

Modified A-main Top 5 qualifiers:
1. Danni Eyde-Nielsen – XRAY T3
2. Soeren Boy Holst – XRAY T3

3. Mike Gosvig
4. Christian Lehm
5. Michael Johnsen – XRAY T3

SuperStock A-Main Top 5 Qualifiers:
1. Caspar Morgen
2. Steven Olsen
3. Claus Ryeskov – XRAY T2’009
4. Thomas Hjerresen – XRAY T2’009
5. Mads G. Olsen – XRAY T2’009

1st Final:
I did not change anything for the first final since my car was so fast yet still so easy to drive!
I didn’t get perfect start so Soeren came pretty close after the first corner. I was then quickly pulling away from him in the next few corners. I had a nice lead after 5 laps, but then Soeren came closer and we had a little battle. Soeren dropped back a little so I wasn’t under any pressure. I could just take it easy and drive nice and stable. I finished 1st and Soeren finished 2nd.

2nd final:
I tried another additive for this final since my car still was losing traction in the last laps. I got a better start this time. My car felt very good and I had a nice lead after 3 laps. Soeren was in 2nd place (2 seconds behind me), and Michael Johnsen was in 3rd place. My car started to behave very strangely and lost traction after only 2 minutes. I had a good lead, so I just tried not to make any mistakes. Soeren made a lot of minor mistakes this time, so my lead kept getting bigger even though my car was very difficult to drive. I now had a lead of 4 seconds. Michael Had made some mistakes and was dropped down through the field. I finished in 1st place and secured the win and maximum points for this race. Soeren finished in 2nd place.

3rd final:
I tried another additive for the last final (since I already had secured my win) and the other additive was really bad! From the first lap I was driving really fast lap times, and on the third lap I sat the fastest lap time of the day. I was the only driver to get a lap under 14 seconds with a 13.90!
My car was really good so I pushed it as hard as I could to make a better lap time, but I hit too many curbs. Soeren came up on me and went by with a nice pass. My car was lost traction again (because of the additive) and Soeren pulled away from me a bit more. I was still hunting for some more sub-14 times but made some more mistakes. Soeren finished 1st and I came in 0.9 seconds behind him.

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Modified overall Top 5:

1. Danni Eyde Nielsen – XRAY T3
2. Soeren Boy Holst – XRAY T3

3. Christiam Lehm
4. Mike Gosvig
5. Michael Priest

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SuperStock overall Top 5:

1. Caspar Morgen
2. Steven Olsen
3. Claus Ryeskov – XRAY T2’009
4. Mads G. Olsen – XRAY T2’009
5. Thomas Hjerresen – XRAY T2’009

Winner of SuperStock B-final:
1. Birger Ryden Jensen – XRAY T2’008

I want to thank XRAY for making a super car, and GM for the great motor and batteries. I was very pleased with the new car. My next race will be the EFRA Grand Prix Prague next weekend.

Danni Eyde-Nielsen's Set-up sheet.