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XRAY is pleased to present the new XRAY NT1R, the latest release from the XRAY design studio for the nitro car racer in everyone. The XRAY NT1R represents the latest offering of the super-successful RAYCER concept – luxury at an affordable price.

The new XRAY NT1R is based on the world’s most successful and award-winning XRAY NT1 high-performance nitro touring car, a car that has raised the bar in engineering, design and performance and has won the hearts of racers worldwide along with an exceptional amount of titles and awards including multiple European and USA Championship titles.

With a very affordable street price, the NT1R is sure to appeal to every RACER!

"With the worldwide success of the NT1 both on the tracks and customer’s satisfaction supported by gained multiple awards, I wanted to release a version that would allow everyone to enjoy the design and performance benefits of the NT1 no matter what their racing needs and budget are. Thus the NT1R was born.

See it. Feel it. Drive it."

Dipl. Eng. Juraj Hudy
Chief Engineer, XRAY

>>> See the full specification and photos of new NT1R here <<<