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Race report by Francesco Martini
At the last round of the UISP national indoor, XRAY won in every class. As usual the race was held on Sunday while Saturday was dedicated to testing. This time with over 100 people there was no lunch break and the timetable was really tight. UISP nationals have three classes: Sport 10.5 Rubber, Super Sport 10.5 Foam, and Modified Foam. In all three classes the national title was fought over in this last round so there was a lot of suspence until the end.

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Sport 10.5 Foam
In the Sport 10.5 Foam class there were 40 entries, with Samuele Romagnoli dominating all day with his brand new XRAY T3.

Final results:
1. Romagnoli Samuele XRAY T3

2. Pagani Cristian
3. Bicchi Maurizio XRAY T2 009
4. Bigi Lorenzo
5. Aquilino Andrea
6. Simari Tony
7. Tenan Ivan
8. Mazzini Marco XRAY T2 008
9. Tagliavini Leonardo
10. Pugnaghi Stefano

Super Sport 10.5 Rubber
The Super Sport 10.5 Rubber class had 30 entries, with Zapparoli winning with his XRAY.

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Final results:
1. Zapparoli Adalberto XRAY T2’008
2. Dori Francesco XRAY T2’008

3. Batisti Fabrizio
4. Baldissarri Daniel
5. Brunelli Alessandro
6. Bettazzoni Stefano
7. Taddei Maurizio
8. Piaviani Giacomo XRAY T2’008
9. Dall'oca Mattia
10. Michieli Massimo XRAY’T3

Modified Foam
In the Modified Foam class there were 20 entries with some very fast Italian drivers. The T3 also debuted here with 7 drivers in the main final. I was TQ and was really fast in all sessions. After strong qualification it was easy for me to win the first 2 finals. After I was sure to win the race, I did some testing in the last final and finished 2nd. Sala and Rabitti finished 2nd and 3rd against the brand new XRAY T3.

Final results:
1. Martini Francesco XRAY T3

2. Sala Federico
3. Rabitti Riccardo
4. Romagnoli Michele
5. Menicucci Alessio XRAY T3
6. Simari Andrea XRAY T3
7. Torreggiani Luca XRAY T3
8. Donadelli Marco XRAY T2’009
9. Gennari Marco XRAY T3
10. Giglioli Silvano XRAY T3

Many thanks go to Team XRAY and in particular to Martin and Juraj Hudy who supported and helped me a lot.