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Race report by Brennan Ralls
Sunday the 13th of December was not unlucky for Team Xray UK as by the title a great debut for the 808 10 spec. This was to be a shake down for Brens new 808 & the renowned Clanfield circuit was the venue. Tony Bolwell & crew had spent weeks battling the uk weather to re build & alter the layout, this would totaly alter what was known but give what would be a great track when it beds in so many thanks to all for there efforts. The track picture shows the covers used to keep any damaging rain off & the early stages of another great Clanfield track. The Venue had a reasonable turn out with names such as Chung, tigwell, Johnson adding to the line up making things competitive & fun.

The claimed reports that the new chassis was designed to be easier & more forgiving to drive lived up to its words as the pace & balance this chassis produced was great.

From Rnd 1 Brens car was planted & showed great composure through the turns & jumps. With all learning a new track lap times would drop as each lap passed & Bren came out on top by some 4 seconds.

Rnd 2 a tyre change to match conditions & a track that was smoothing out again fell into Brens hands dominating the round to again take TQ. Other XRAY runners of local lad John Wolfe & Ben Kennet would both put in good times to keep the XRAY continent alive.

Rnd 3 a short shower would make the track tacky with the cars be slowed. Brens car seemed to slow more than fellow racer Tigwell due to the weight of mud so just pipping bren to the top spot.

Rnd 4 & Bren raised the game again by putting in a fast clean run taking the TQ by some 5 seconds giving him 3 out of the 4 rounds.

Ben Kennet a new guy to the sport showed great maturity in the B to gradually work himself into 2nd & by the last round of stops into 1st with a comfy lead. He would remain here & earn himself a bump up spot into the A main to join Bren & John. With this sort of driving will see my self writing more on his progress in the future, so keep up the work youn un.

To the A John would be unlucky to go out early with a battery problem but Ben would work his way through to finish 6th. Bren Would carry on where he left off in qualifying & would lead from Flag to Finish lapping the entire field by the 15 minute point & ending the 20 minute run some 1 1/2 laps clear.

A great shake down day for the car proving the work in testing over this last year has payed off & gives us all a package for the future.

Thanks to XRAY, Hudy, Rc Disco, Cml, Kifopaint & Apex Models

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Final results:

1. Brennan Ralls XRAY XB808'10

2. Damien Tigwell
3. Les Taylor
4. Grant Fribbens
5. Stephen Spencer
6. Ben Kennet XRAY XB808
7. Tommy Chung
8. John Wolfe XRAY XB808

Bren Ralls's Set-up sheet.