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Race report by Alexander Hagberg
The annual Swedish Lucia Race was held once again in Boras, Sweden, which has one of the finest facilities in the country. The race saw a new track layout which was very nice to drive, and there were 70 entrants in 5 different classes. The control tire for this race was the Sorex 32 with a B-medium insert; this tire gives fairly low traction so car setup is normally difficult. However, I used the same setup as I had used for practice at home on the Minicars circuit and this worked great from early on, even though the car was a bit loose on the rear, but this got better when traction rose to normal levels. The T3 worked perfectly throughout the race and was so easy to drive, I could drive safely with confidence in every round.

In the end I would win all qualifiers and finals by a comfortable margin as well as setting the quickest lap time. At times I was closely followed by teammate Niclas Nilsson but he was unfortunately involved in too many incidents and made some small errors, but he would still end up in the runner-up spot. The podium was rounded out by Daniel Carlsson.

XRAY triumphed in the 17.5BL Stock class as well, where Joakim Taxén from Gothenburg took a great win (making full use of his TQ position). Taxén has a very aggressive driving style, and it was truly great to watch as he drove his T2'009 around the track.

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Modified class results:

1. Alexander Hagberg - XRAY T3
2. Niclas Nilsson - XRAY T3

3. Daniel Carlsson

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Stock class results:

1. Joakim Taxen - XRAY T2'009

2. Hakan Nilsson
3. Morgan Karlsson

Alexander Hagberg's Set-up sheet.