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Race report by Bowie Ginting
This year-end race was sponsored by Winners69 Hobby Shop and held at the Miko Mall in Bandung, Indonesia. This indoor race was ran on a carpet surface, and had two classes: 1/10 TC 11.5 R and Mini. Thirty drivers competed in the event. The race format was three rounds of 5minute qualifying, and three rounds of 7minute finals. The average laptime was about 10 seconds.

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Qualifying results:
1. Bowie Ginting XRAY T2'009 ( TQ )

2. Sewaka Ramadhani
3. Asdi
4. Adam Goentina
5. Yuri Taruna XRAY T2'009
6. Eric XRAY T2'009
7. Nicky Venota XRAY T3

8. Erwin
9. Gatot - XRAY T3
10. Andrew

During the final I drove fast and steadily and was able to win all of the finals. In the third and last final, I changed the FDR to 5.49 which worked perfectly. I achieved a best lap of 9.340 sec while others achieved 10.4xx sec laptimes in the final. Also in Final 3, I won it with 40 laps; the 2nd fastest, Sewaka Ramadhani, got 38 laps. So with the overall two-best format, I got first place followed by Sewaka Ramadhani and Asdi.

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Final results:
1. Bowie Ginting – XRAY T2'009

2. Sewaka Ramdhani
3. Asdi

The car was really good on carpet with a perfect combination of springs. I would like to say ‶thank you‶ to my father, Mr. Harris Jacob, Mr. Erwin Lewi, Mr. Chandra Yosef, and especially XRAY for making a great car. And also thank you to everyone who supports me.

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