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Only a few days left before the 2010 XRAY USA Challenge kick-off. Do not miss the last chance to subscribe for the event.


Some of the world's top drivers have already confirmed their attendance at the 2010 XRAY USA Challenge:

Martin Hudy
Team XRAY Slovakia

Juraj Hudy
Team XRAY Slovakia

Teemu Leino
Team XRAY Finland

Alexander Hagberg
Team XRAY Sweden

Dirk Wischnewski
Team XRAY Germany

Paul Lemieux

Ralph Burch

Biagio Spataro
Team XRAY Italy

Francesco Martini
Team XRAY Italy

Giorgio De Felici
Team XRAY Italy

Jerome Renaux
Team XRAY France

The XRAY USA Challenge starts already from Tuesday, May 18th with a free practice. Come few days earlier to have extra track time and practice for the race. Extra practice fee may apply by the track owner.

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RC America, the US distributor of XRAY and HUDY, in cooperation with Mike's Hobby Shop organize XRAY USA CHALLENGE for 1/10 nitro and electric touring cars. The event is going to take place at Gulf Coast Raceway, TX on May 21st-23rd. Come race on 2010 World Championship track, and discuss technical and set-up issues with the XRAY factory team Juraj and Martin Hudy.

May 21st-23rd

Gulf Coast Raceway/Mike’s Hobby Shop in Porter, Texas USA

1/10 Nitro Touring 200mm
1/10 Electric Touring 13.5
1/10 Electric Touring MOD

Electric classes will require a minimum of 10 entries
ROAR rules for classes
Jaco blue handout tires sold at the event (US25.00/set)
100 total entry maximum

Friday / May 21st / open practise
Saturday / May 22nd / 3 rounds of qualifying
Sunday / May 23rd / all finals

Entry Fees
USD 35.00 per class
USD 20.00 for covered pit space

Technical Assistance
US & Euro Factory Team

Subscribe for the event here.

For more information, please contact:

RC America (USA)
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-800-519-RCA