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Race report by Zdenek Hamak
The second race of the winter Czech Championship was held at the school sport hall in Trutnov on March 14, 2010. As with the last race, there were local events on the Saturday. Many drivers participated in both events. The track was small and very technical with an average lap time of 12.4sec. Track had very nice boundary as you can see on the pictures.

On Saturday I had big problem with traction rolling. After the race I completely rebuilt my car and built a new basic set-up. I put thicker oil into the shocks and an O-ring on the shaft. I tested this set up on Sunday morning and the car was better. I set downstops to 7mm (front) and 6mm (rear). This made the car very easy to drive but it was slow, which was no good on the technical track with its tight corners. So I put in a standard rear upright to get more steering; I used the 1-hole upright. After these changes I was equal with Zdenko Kunak, and his car was amazing all weekend! He didn’t have any problem with traction rolling and he was very fast. Zdenko won the qualification, I was 2nd, and Petr Grof was 3rd.

There were many collisions in the first final. Petr Grof won and Zdenko came in 2nd. In the second final I overtook Zdenko after a few starting laps and won… Zdenko was again 2nd. For the third final I decided to run same car setup because it was very good in the second final. After start I was behind Zdenko, but than I had problems because my car was loose on one side and would roll on the other side. I didn’t know why because I had checked all settings before start. I drove very easy and finish 3rd. Zdenko won the third final and Michal Bok came in 2nd.

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Modified results
1) Zdenko Kunak XRAY T3
2) Zdenek Hamak XRAY T3

3) Michal Bok
4) Petr Grof
5) Jirka Mara XRAY T3
6) Vaclav Strupek XRAY T3
7) Radek Flek XRAY T3

8) Dominic Sulc
9) Michal Blahovsky

There was a good battle between two drivers with XRAY cars: Zdenko Kunak and Jiri Mara. Zdenko’s car was perfect just like his Modified car. Jiri had a few problems finding the right set-up. The Final was very interesting. Zdenko won the first final, with Jiri only 2sec behind and Radek Flek in 3rd.
In the second final, Jiri overtook Zdenko and it seemed that he would win the second final, but a lapped driver hit Jiri and Zdenko got into the lead and won the second final. Jiri was again 2nd.

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Stock final results
1) Zdenko Kunak XRAY T3
2) Jirka Mara XRAY T3
3) Radek Flek – XRAY T3

4) Michal Blahovsky
5) Radovan Bryx XRAY T3
6) Jakub Stepanek – XRAY T3

7) Ivo Gombik
8) Lukas Gombik

Zdenko won 2 of 3 races and became Winter Czech Champion in the Stock category. The winner of the Modified category will be known after the last race, because Zdenko and I both have wins and 2nd places. The last winter Czech Championship race will be held in Hrotovice on April 4, 2010.

Zdenek Hamak's Set-up sheet.
Zdenko Kunak's Set-up sheet.