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Report by Bowie Ginting
Round 1 of the 1/10 EP Indonesian National Championship was held at Sunter International Speedway, Jakarta with a total of 50 drivers competing in two classes: Modified and Stock 11.5. The race weather was sunny all the day. I joined both classes with my T3 in Modified and T2'009 in Stock.

Modified qualifying

During Modified qualifying, I was able to take the TQ spot by the third qualifier. I got the best set up in the 3rd qualifier and it worked well. Second qualifier was Teddy Syach, 2004 1/10 world finalist. Kris Heriyana was in 3rd place. Other XRAY drivers, Albert Adrian and Didi Kartanegara, placed their T2'009 and T3 in 4th and 6th, respectively.

Modified qualifying results

1. Bowie Ginting XRAY T3

2. Teddy Syach
3. Kris Heriyana
4. Albert Adrian XRAY T2'009
5. Wiyono
6. Didi Kartanegara XRAY T3
7. Agung Dorojadtun

Stock qualifying
In Stock class I didn’t have any problems with my T2'009 and was able to take the TQ spot. I was followed by Suwardi Suliandy who had an advantage with his fast motor, but he finished his qualifying by 1sec slower behind me. Dimas Ardian rounded out the top 3. My teammate, Andhyka Pranusatya, put his T3 into 8th place.

Stock qualifying results

1. Bowie Ginting XRAY T2'009

2. Suwardi Suliandy
3. Dimas Ardian
4. Asdi
5. Teddy Syach
6. Chandra Yosef
7. Sewaka Ramadhani
8. Andhyka Pranusatya XRAY T3
9. Rama Tribudiman
10. Robert Hendrawan

Modified final
In the first final I got into a duel with Kris Heriyana and there was a 1-2sec gap. I was able to hold the lead and finished by 1.5sec ahead of Heriyana. Albert Adrian finished 4th behind Teddy Syach.

In the second final, I got a penalty and had to enter the pit. I thought I had lost my chance and would fight again in the last final, but my heart said that I shouldn’t give up. So... I rejoined the race in 2nd place behind Kris Heriyana. We got into a duel again with a 1sec gap. After 3.5min Heriyana rolled his car and this gave me the lead. At the end, I won the second leg. With the two best finals system, I had won the Modified class!

In the last final I had a bad start. Teddy Syach and Kris Heriyana got into a nice duel, and both fought for the lead which would put that winner into the overall 2nd place. At the end, Syach won with Heriyana behind. They got the same points, but Heriyana's lap total was better than Syach so Heriyana took 2nd overall and Teddy Syach took 3rd overall.

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Modified final results:

1. Bowie Ginting XRAY T3 (TQ)

2. Kris Heriyana
3. Teddy Syach
4. Albert Adrian XRAY T2'009
5. Didi Kartanegara XRAY T3

6. Wiyono
7. Agung Dorodjatun

Stock final
It was The Suwardi Suliandy show with his totally fast motor, and he won the first final. I followed him in 2nd place, 1 lap behind him. I tried to think what motor set-up I was going to use, but my mechanic decided to do the Stock race with all that I had because we didn’t have time to R&D a motor. I would just have to fight hard with what I had.

In the second final. Suwardi got a bad start and this gave me enough advantage to win the second final.

So on the last final it was duel between me and Suwardi to reach 1st place overall. Suwardi and I got into a great duel, but Suwardi was able to overtake me at the end of the straight. Suwardi won the last final which meant he won the Stock class. I finished in 2nd place overall and Dimas Ardian took the final step on the podium. The other XRAY driver in the final, Andhyka Pranusatya, finished 7th overall.

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Stock final results:

1. Suwardi Suliandy
2. Bowie Ginting - XRAY T2'009 (TQ)
3. Dimas Ardian
4. Sewaka Ramadhani
5. Chandra Yosef
6. Rama Tribudiman
7. Andhyka Pranusatya XRAY T3
8. Asdi
9. Teddy Syach
10. Robert Hendrawan

There were great expectations for Team XRAY Indonesia on the first round of 2010 National series. It was great to see Hans win the Stock B*final with his T2'009, and also Heri Susanto taking 3rd in the C-final.

I would like to say ‶Thank you※ to XRAY for creating such a great car. Thanks also go to Mr. Harris Jacob, My father, Mr. Tommy Purnomo, Mr. Erwin Lewi, and all people that support me from start to finish. Hopefully, we'll see a better achievement of Team XRAY Indonesia at the next series.

Bowie Ginting's Set-up sheet.