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Race report by Ari Bakla
The Flight Centre Classic was held on the popular Bendigo circuit which is an outdoor painted asphalt track. The weather was warm with track temps that ranged between 60–70 centigrade. The Classes run were 17.5 Stock, 10.5 Super Stock and Modified and format was 6 qualifiers with best 3 placing in rounds to count and then 3 finals with the best two to count.

It was an awesome performance by the XRAY drivers pictured and full race review is below.

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This class was as competitive as ever this year and with the new range of speed controllers the 17.5 motors were really moving, setting the hot pace all weekend was Luke Gunnell driving an XRAY T2009. Over the course of the weekend it was a dominant performance by Luke who T.Q’d by winning all 6 rounds of Qualifying and then going on to a dominant 3 out of 3 finals in the A main. Luke was also the only person to break into the 24 lap territory in stock with all others in the 23 and 22 range.

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Super Stock
It was an awesome dominating performance by Team XRAY in the 10.5 class this year with the T3 filling the top 4 winning positions in the A Main. Again with the new speed controllers the cars in this class were hitting similar speeds to the modified cars down the straights and put on a real show. Antoni Caretti took the T.Q position winning 5 out of 6 qualifiers and then go onto a perfect 3 out of 3 in the A main. In second place was Joe Ghiringhelli who put in a barnstorming drive from 9th place on the grid, in the other positions were Anthony Iavazzo in 3rd and James Ainslie in 4th with both drivers putting in consistent runs in the A main.

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In the premier class it was a solid weekend for Team XRAY drivers Sandy Iavazzo and Darrell Khemlani, both qualifying in 2nd and 4th respectively for the A Main. Sandy experienced some bad luck during the first two finals but brought it home strong in the 3rd final with a hard fought win to show the T3’s strength.

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Stock Electric A

1st Luke Gunnell XRAY T2'009
2nd Jason Morris XRAY T2'009

3rd Matt Wicks
4th Matthew Guidotto XRAY T3
5th Tim Forster
6th Benzaah XRAY T3
7th Lyndon Turvey
8th Trevor Waye
9th Darren Charles
10th Stacey Warren XRAY T2'009

Super Stock A

1st Antoni Caretti XRAY T3
2nd Joe Ghiringhelli XRAY T3
3rd Anthony Iavazzo XRAY T3
4th James Ainslie XRAY T3

5th Oscar Piastri
6th Jamie O'Brien
7th Andy McCallum XRAY T3
8th Lee Harvey
9th Wayde McCallum XRAY T3
10th Todd George


1st Ryan Maker
2nd Rhys Marshall
3rd Antoni Caretti XRAY T3
4th Sandy Iavazzo XRAY T3

5th Justin Vergunst
6th Tom Huggan
7th Jordan Cullis
8th Darrell Khemlani XRAY T3
9th Chris Piastri
10th James Ainsley XRAY T3

James's Set-up sheet.
Sandy's Set-up sheet.
Ben's Set-up sheet.