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Race report by Guido Barbera
The second race of the Championship Italian Touring 1/10 was held this year at the Messina Messina which hosted the World Cup 1/8. The organization and direction of the race is always very efficient thanks to the cooperation and supervision of AMSCI ( Italian Federation). The many participants – approximately 100 – were divided into three categories: F1-F2- EXPERT. The race was held over three days: first qualifying on Saturday morning, semi-final and final on Sunday.
The sunny weather had almost summer-like temperatures.

Category F2: 51 drivers on track
At the end of qualifications and final direct for
1. Corrao Salvatore XRAY NT1
2. Culoma Claudio
3. Verbicaro Biagio XRAY NT1
4. Licciardello Simone

Category F1: 27 drivers on track
At the end of qualifications and final direct for
1. Zagni Marco XRAY NT1
2. Stefanizzi Davide
3. Musolino Giuseppe
4. Ciro Borrelli XRAY NT1

Category EXPERT: only 16 drivers, almost all the drivers – despite the use of the airbox – have approached the previous track record. This testifies to the high level. After the qualifications, two XRAYs were in the final directly:
1. Spataro Biagio XRAY NT1
2. D’Angelo Giuseppe
3. Tironi Francesco
4. Giacalone Dino XRAY NT1

Semifinal EXPERT 30 minutes
Semifinal B: 1st Ielasi Daniele 109 laps , 2nd Giletti Raimondo 108 laps, 3rd Martini Francasco 108 laps (XRAY)
Semifinal A: 1st Gentile Umberto 107 laps, 2nd De Felici Giorgio 107 laps (XRAY) , 3rd Duina Niki 107 laps.

It was an unfortunate race for Barbera Guido (XRAY), leading to the 20th minute with a 2-lap advantage, forced to pit for 2 minutes to lose Seger's rear axle transmission.

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Final F2 45 minutes
1. Corrao Salvatore XRAY NT1
2. Michieli Massimo XRAY NT1

3. Bruno Giuseppe
4. Di Prisco Antonio
5. Adami Emanuele XRAY NT1
6. Culoma Claudio
7. Verbicaro Biagio XRAY NT1
8. Liciardello Simone
9. Catalfamo Enrico
10. Brucculeri Angelo

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Final F1 45 minutes with all-XRAY podium
1. Zagni Marco XRAY NT1
2. Borrelli Ciro XRAY NT1
3. Piersante Dante XRAY NT1

4. Stefanizzi Davide
5. Schepis Antonino
6. De Chiara Alfredo
7. Brocca Simone XRAY NT1
8. Musolino Giuseppe
9. Marchetti Jonatan
10. Lipuma Marco XRAY NT1

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Final EXPERT 60 minutes
with drivers of value. Not everyone made the tire change, this is because some started the final with larger diameter tires. Best lap in the final for the polesitter Spataro Biagio 15.571, he was forced to retire from the 60th lap when he was in top position.

1. D’Angelo Giuseppe
2. Tironi Francesco
3 .DeFelici Giorgio XRAY NT1
4. Martini Francesco XRAY NT1
5. Giacalone Dino XRAY NT1

6. Ielasi Daniele
7. Gentile Umberto 8 Duina Niki 9. Gilletti Raimondo
10. Spataro Biagio XRAY NT1

Finally, congratulations for many XRAY drivers. Victories in F1- F2 and 3rd place in Expert. Third and final race will be at the end of September to Leno (Brescia).