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The Race was held at Nor-Cal hobbies, Nor-Cal was also host to the Reedy Race of Champions a couple months ago. Nor-Cal hobbies has 3 tracks, a large permanent smooth asphalt on road track with a pair of off road tracks, one for 10th scale and a very large 8th scale off road track.

Official practice for the event kicked off on Wed the 4th. Due to the Nitro world championships being last some of the team decided to come on Thursday and miss a bit of practice, but with the Reedy race being there we had good set-ups to start with.

On Thursday it was Tyler Vic with his XRAY setting the pace for Mod TC, also Kevin Hebert was very fast. In 17.5 TC it looked to be anybody's game with a handful of guys running very fast. In mod 12th it was definitely Hebert and Howart setting the pace.


There were to be 4 total rounds of qualifying, 2 rounds of qualifying on Friday. In Mod 12th scale it was Kevin Hebert pretty much dominating the first day by setting TQ in both, in Mod TC it was Paul Lemieux who TQed both rounds with Hebert and Rick Howart close behind. In 17.5 expert TC it was Martin Crisp who was looking fast and setting TQ’s with a very close field behind him. In World GT and 17.5 12th it was Dave Ehrlich who was looking strong in both classes.


Saturday saw much of the same guys going fast. In Mod TC Paul Lemieux secured the overall TQ with a win in the third round of qualifying, In mod TC round 4 Kevin Hebert TQed the round securing him the 2 spot on the grid.

In 17.5 expert TC Mark Burt was on fire, grabbing 2 TQ’s of his own to TQ the event, Mark was fast all week but really put together 2 fine runs to put his XRAY on point. In sportsman TC Brian Shook secured his TQ along with Dave Ehrlich in 12th 17.5 and World GT.

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Order after Qualifying
Sportsman TC:
1. Shook, Brian
2. Doherty, Andrew XRAY T3
3. Diao, Ron
4. Castillion, Gustavo
5. Tuason, Romel
6. Do, Binh
7. Gonzalez, John
8. Mason, Todd
9. Danilchik, Alex XRAY T3
10. Nazareno, Larry

12th scale MOD:
1. Hebert, Keven
2. Hohwart, Rick
3. Stellflue, Bob
4. Walls, Jim
5. Berger, Dave
6. Copp, Tim XRAY XII
7. Barnes, Scott
8. Tsuruda, Steve
9. Jones, Kenneth
10. Jones, Kevin

Expert 17.5 TC:
1. Burt, Mark XRAY T2'008

2. Crisp, Martin
3. Harbke, Korey
4. Evans, EJ
5. Arluck, James
6. Albano, Eric
7. Law, Felix
8. Scrimo, Arthur
9. Young, Aaron
10. Lin, George

1. Lemieux, Paul XRAY T3

2. Hebert, Keven
3. Hohwart, Rick
4. Tessmann, Ty
5. Tyler, Lex
6. Vik, Tyler XRAY T3
7. Evans, EJ
8. Weiss, Steve XRAY T3
9. Crisp, Martin
10. Zhao, Leo

The finals were run as triple A mains. The Racing was good in all classes.

In world GT Dave Ehrlich had a tuff day from the pole but still salvaged a podium out of it, Brian Shook drove well and got his WGT figured out for the final.

In 17.5 12th scale it was all Ehrlich and he took the A1 and A2 win with some really good laps and times.

In 12th mod Hebert continued his dominance over the field in A1, but in A2 Howart surprised everyone by leading some of it and having a good chance to push it to an A3, in the end it was still Kevin that prevailed taking both A1 and A2. Rick afterward said that he used a lot of throttle and was trying to drive over his head to keep pace with a faster car.

In 17.5 TC we saw 3 very close finals. In A1 it was TQ Mark Burt who battled much of the race with various drivers but held his spot to the end and take A1 over James Arluck. In A2 it was Martin Crisp who had a great drive and battle with Mark Burt to take the A2 win and send it to A3. In A3 Mark Burt came out swinging and put together a near Flawless drive with Crisp on his bumper much of the way, and in the end his XRAY crossed the line first to secure his well deserved national title.

Mod TC had some great finals also. In A1 Lemieux got out front but was not let away, Kevin Hebert stayed close off the line, the lead was swapped back and forth between the two drivers due to small bobbles from each, coming on to the straight Kevin got a nose inside of Paul but a crash followed between the two which really bunched up the field. Paul came out of the wreck in the lead and drove clean to win A1. In A2 it was again the same start, Paul and Kevin Pulling away, Kevin got up to Pauls bumper a couple of times and was looking for ways to get by. Then Paul pulled a small gap and that was the way it stayed for the rest of A2 with Paul and his T3 wrapping up the Title in A1 and A2.

Final podium standings
Sportsman TC:
1. Brian Shook
2. Andrew Doherty XRAY T3
3. Ron Diao

Expert 17.5:
1. Mark Burt XRAY T2'008

2. Martin Crisp
3. Korey Harbke

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Mod TC:
1. Paul Lemieux XRAY T3

2. Kevin Hebert
3. Rick Howart

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Set-up sheets
Mark Burt
Paul Lemieux

2010 USA On-road Nationals - A-main final #1:

OPEN TC A1-MAIN 2010 ON ROAD PAVED NATIONALS from RC Insider on Vimeo.

2010 USA On-road Nationals - A-main final #2:

OPEN TC A2-MAIN 2010 ON ROAD PAVED NATIONALS from RC Insider on Vimeo.

Interview with Paul Lemieux - USA National Champion 2010: