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Race report by Fabrizio Batisti
With 3 national UISP titles, XRAY drivers won all this year: Mod, Sport and Supersport.

Mod: 5.5 Motors, and Rubber Tyres
Sport: 10.5 Motors and Foam Tyres
Supersport: 10.5 Motors and Rubber Tyres.

Round 3 of the Italian UISP Championship was held in Vedano al Lambro (Milano) on September 4- at the beautiful MRC Track.

Qualifying had Amadesi (XRAY) ahead of everyone, followed by Bicchi (XRAY), Bigi and Aquilino.

The three finals were a real battle among the top three qualified drivers, but Amatesi was a bit faster and had the easiest-to-drive car; he won two of three rounds and got the Uisp Italian 2010 Championship. Bicchi struggled throughout the race with a slippery rear end but after three rounds finished 2nd after a tough battle with Bigi.

Sport final results:
1. Alberto Amadesi XRAY T3
2. Lorenzo Bigi
3. Andrea Aquilino

After the first two Italian rounds I was in 2nd place behind Minissale and ahead of Dall’oca. After only one practice day my car was very fast and easy to drive, with a lot of steering in the infield and good cornering speed.

The first qualifier was the faster; the temperature was cool in the morning and the tyres were new. After only a few laps in corner 7-8 I had a lot of interference after 5 minute. I was fighting against the interference and I finished 2nd only 1.5sec behind 1st . The second and third qualifiers were slower because our tyres lost half a second per lap after the first run!
TQ went to Pagani, then Batisti (XRAY), Dall’Oca, Magnocavallo.

In the first final, after the first track section (fast section) I was very close to the leader and when we arrived at the infield my car was faster then Pagani’s car. I tried to overtake him in the last corner but he closed the door and I hit him. I took two drivethroughs in the first final but I finished 2nd.

In the second final I didn’t try to pass the leader, thinking to the championship, but after few lap he made a mistake and I won the round.

In third final I ran close to the leader, but he don’t made mistake this time and he won the round and won the race, but I won the Uisp Italian Championship 2010!

Supersport final results:
1. Fabrizio Batisti XRAY T3
2. Mattia Dall'Oca
3. Davide Minissale
4. Cristian Pagani
5. Adalberto Zapparoli
6. Paolo Pasquini XRAY T3
7. Enrico Avoni XRAY T3

7. Mario Zannini
9. Claudio Cantoni
10. Marco Cantamerli XRAY T3

In Mod, Martini, Torreggiani and Menicucci fought to win the title, all running an XRAY T3.

In qualifying, the XRAY car was very fast and the top 3 positions were taken by Torreggiani, Menicucci and Martini. Brunelli was 4th.

The final saw all drivers make very small mistakes, all cars had very similar laptimes, but Menicucci was a bit faster than others and with smooth driving he won the race and the Italian Championship. In third final Menicucci, Martini and Torreggiani made a mistake and after a few laps Brunelli took the lead, Menicucci and Torreggiani were closing the gap, but he made another mistake and Brunelli won the third final and took 2nd place.

Mod final results:
1. Alessio Menicucci XRAY T3
2. Francesco Martini XRAY T3
3. Luca Torreggiani XRAY T3

4. Daniel Baldissarri
5. Fabrizio Di Michele
6. Marco Gennari XRAY T3
7. Alessandro Brunelli
8. Marco Donadelli XRAY T3
9. Stefano Bettazzoni XRAY T3

10. Maurizio Taddei

I’m very happy to have won this title, I would like to thank Martin for the setup support, and XRAY for the T3 car.