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Race report by Alexander Hagberg
The last round of the Swedish Cup for 1/10 and 1/8 IC cars was held at the challenging and newly resurfaced MK Eskil track in Eskilstuna. Some 20 competitors in 1/10 saw XRAY driver Niclas Nilsson take the TQ spot by 10 seconds. Niclas, who normally races only electric, made a guest appearance in this class for this race only. The conditions proved to be very challenging since the track never really dried from showers on Saturday morning. Niclas had a great*handling car in all conditions and thus was untouchable in qualifying.

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The final could not have had a worse start for Niclas since he had a spin in the first corner and came off the first lap in 8th position. He slowly started to pick up the pace and soon found himself in the lead because the other competitors faced all sorts of problems on the still very slippery race course. After 20 minutes Niclas had established a 4-lap lead, and thus decided to drive more cautiously to save his tires. He kept his lead until the end where he finished 5 laps ahead of the 2nd place driver.

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Top 10 results:
1. Niclas Nilsson - XRAY NT1
2. Staffan Karlsson
3. Per-Ola Hard
4. Markus Hellquist
5. Andreas Böök
6. Mickael Brandt - XRAY NT1
7. Sonny Ahlström - XRAY NT1

8. Micke Hahne
9. Martin Aberg
10. Mackan Göransson - XRAY NT1