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Race report by Thomas Stockman
We arrived early at the new track at Bierset. It had a nice layout, was fast, and had good grip. On Saturday we found a good set-up that worked with new and old tires, so we were looking forward to the raceday on Sunday.

First qualifier went well and I was driving in 2nd place but in my last lap my speedo went in to ‶safe mode※ because the LiPo was dumping so I finished 3rd and lost nearly 10 seconds. The second qualifier went well and I was driving in 2nd place in sight of front driver Nick Joosens. Unfortunately, half way in the race there was an incident on the back straight and everyone had to stop to avoid the crash. I was too careful and dropped from 2nd to 3rd again. The last qualifier started well with me driving in 2nd place, but I lost my concentration and made some mistakes and finished 3rd. Again.

Starting order:
1. Nick Joosens
2. Ollivier Bultinck
3. Thomas Stockman XRAY T3
4. Rico Claeys XRAY T3

Then it was time for the finals. With my 3rd place I had to start in the dirt. In the first final I started too wild and lost my 3rd place to Rico. For the first laps I put pressure on Rico and he made a mistake so I could hunt down the front drivers. In front, Ollivier hit a backmarker and had to give up. Nick made a mistake, and I took over the lead and held it for the remaining minutes.

The second final started well. Nick made a small mistake and I passed him, but in the last minute Nick came back and overtook me. The last lap was one too much for Nick. In the last corner he hit a backmarker and I passed him again to take 2nd place after Ollivier. The last final would decide the winner: me or Ollivier. Tension was high. The start went well but in front there were troubles which meant I could take the lead. I stayed in front until the end.

Final order:
1. Thomas Stockman XRAY T3
2. Nick Weyers XRAY T3
3. Rico Claeys XRAY T3