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The debut of the new XRAY T3'11 at the first round of European Touring Series was very successful. The XRAY team with Eric Dankel set a TQ in the qualifiers with a total of 4x T3'11 making it in the main final of the stock category. The XRAY team continued the unbeating performance in the main final races as well securing the 1st and 2nd position at podium.

European Touring Series - Round 1 - Pro-Stock’ Overall Results:

1. Eric Dankel (DE) – XRAY T3'11
2. Tim Wahl (DE) – XRAY T3'11

3. Martin Hofer
4. Oliver Franke
5. Alexander Stocker
6. Ivan Laptev
7. Tony Streit – XRAY T3'11
8. René Klöckner
10.Daniel Wohlgemuth – XRAY T3'11
10.Carsten Madsen

Complete report with set-up sheets coming soon.

Final #1

Final #2

Final #3