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Race report by Tom Goh
The Rapicon Cup was held on November 14th, 2010 at the Turf City Atalon Speedway, and attracted more than 40 drivers from Singapore and Malaysia. The weather for the day was cloudy and cool due to the monsoon season.

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Qualifying Rounds
The first round of qualifying started at 9:30AM. Traction was good due to the recent resurfacing for the track. XRAY driver Jesse Wu had a good run with his newly-built WC NT1 with a 29 laps @ 7:13.

XRAY driver Erwin Luhur and Tom Goh both were trying different set-ups and achieved better times, but it was Barry Ng driving a newly-built WC NT1 that set a blistering pace and secured the pole position for the 1st and 2nd rounds of qualifying.

In the final round of qualifying, Jesse Wu (with some set-up changes) was on a good run to secure pole position but was clipped by a backmarker in the last 30 seconds of qualifying, putting him back in 4th position.

XRAY driver Tom Goh set many fast lap times as well and was on a great run, but he had a big accident on the long straight and lost precious time… putting him back in 3rd position.

Barry Ng was setting the fastest lap time of the day and was having a close battle with Nelson Lee. But a slight mistake from Barry caused him to lose the pole position by less than half a second.

Team XRAY had great qualifying with 7 cars in the final top 10.

Final Top 10
1. Nelson Lee
2. Barry Ng XRAY NT1
3. Tom Goh XRAY NT1
4. Jesse Wu XRAY NT1
5. Frendy XRAY NT1
6. Erwin Luhur XRAY NT1

7. Rosli
8. Shafiq N.I.Q XRAY NT1
9. Don Chng XRAY NT1

10. Aidi Amin

As we were about to start the lower main finals, rain start pouring down heavily. After waiting but then reaching the cut-off time, the organizer announced that the race would be called off and the results would be based on our qualifying order.