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Race report by Alexander Hagberg
The 2010 indoor Nordic Championships were held in the small village of Spydeberg, just outside Oslo, in the southern part of Norway. The venue saw a large carpet course with an open and fast layout. Due to EFRA rules, only boards were used as track markings, which is a bit unusual at races in Europe. Consistency proved to be the key for success at this meeting. The LRP CPX was the controlled tire, and drivers were allowed to purchase two sets of tires. Since 1/12 was on schedule as well, traction level got pretty decent in the end.

In qualifying I managed to win 4 out of 5 rounds to take overall TQ honours in front of local star Adrian Berntsen, who also showed great pace, but made too many mistakes to be able to fight for the TQ spot.
Third on the grid was the Swedish racer Michael Nilsson who has shown an increasingly impressive performance at the last few races. His old
T3 chassis was handling equally well to the front runners.

Throughout qualifying I made some changes to alter the balance of my car. At first it was too aggressive for my liking so I decided to increase the rear toe-in, put on anti-dive, and change the shock position at the front to a more upright position. These changes made the car more consistent but still kept its rotation in the many hairpins which were featured in the track layout.

In the finals, I tried to keep cool and not make any mistakes. This payed off well as I was able to win the first two mains. In the first final I was closely followed by Adrian, who finished only 1 second behind. In the second final the others got tangled up during the first laps which gave me a big gap down, and was never challenged for the lead. In the end it was Michael Nilsson who beat Adrian to the runner-up spot with one leg win and one second place. Adrian Berntsen rounded out the all-XRAY podium with a third overall placing.

Nordic Championships 2010 A-main

1. Alexander Hagberg - XRAY T3'2011
2. Michael Nilsson - XRAY T3
3. Adrian Berntsen - XRAY T3'2011

4. Daniel Carlsson
5. Tom-Erik Haaversen - XRAY T3
6. Mathias Rud - XRAY T3
7. Niclas Nilsson - XRAY T3

8. Joakim Nicolaisen
9. Henrik Teinvall
10. Carl Rönnbäck - XRAY T3

Set-up sheet
Alexander Hagberg