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PGTC 2010 R7 in Central Racing Park
Date: 21th November 2010
Venue: Central Racing Park
Class: 1/10th Nitro touring
Entrant: Open class-53, Sports class-19

Central Racing Park was refined with new asfalt and layout just one week before the final round of PGTC 2010 series.

This new surface and layout made all drivers excited and motivated for the final round of PGTC 2010.

Shinnosuke Yokoyama with XRAY NT1 finished 3rd and secured the grand title of PGTC2010!!

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Congratulation to Shinnosuke Yokoyama to be the PGTC2010 grand champion as well as all other XRAY drivers this year. Hope to see you at PGTC 2011 in March again!!

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Final PGTC2010 results:
1. Shinnosuke Yokoyama XRAY NT1
2. Shoki Takahata
3. Takumi Matsuda
4. Yuya Sahashi
5. Tadahiko Sahashi
6. Takuya Fujii XRAY NT1
7. Shinnya Shimazaki
8. Katsuki Yamashita XRAY NT1
9. Rin Endo
10. Kohichi Kanda