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Ruapuna track was the venue for the South Island Championships which included both gas and Electric classes. It was a smaller event than usual no doubt the earthquakes we were experiencing still had an effect on the number of entrants.

Weather was great for our Labour Weekend event and we had people from as far north as Auckland and as far south as Invercargill attending. Everyone was set for a fun weekend with both the racing and catching up with race friends not seen tat frequently.

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The finals were decided by a points process and in event of a draw the qualification position was taken into consideration.

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1/10 Touring Stock
Final results:

1. Krist Van Hulten XRAY T3 2011

2. David Hodgins
3. Simon Wilks
4. Cameron Dench XRAY T3 2011
5. Andre Almond XRAY T3 2011
6. Neville Grainger XRAY T3 2011

7. Cam Rohtmets

It must be pinted out that Krist’s car was 5 years old and has now been retired so he can concentrate on Super Stock or Modified with his new T3 car.

Pro 10
This class is a new class which has been resurrected in time for this competition. The eventual winner was the first person to have the new X10 link car.

Fianl results:

1. Darren Eason XRAY X10 Link
2. Don Collins XRAY X10 Link

3. Jerib Robertson
4. Brent Grey
5. Connor Robertson
6. Dean Johnston

Super Stock
This is becoming a very popular class and is being run with 13.5T brushless motors.

Final results:

1. Michael Jones XRAY T3 2011
2. Andrew Webber XRAY T3 2011

3. Kit Phanyom
4. Kevin Davey XRAY T3 2011
5. Mike Grainger
6. Grant Forsyth XRAY T3 2011
7. Simon Wilks XRAY T3 2011

8. Brent Grey
9. Jerib Robertson
10. Gerald Swindells

Modified Touring
Final results:

1. Gerald Swindells
2. David Beck
3. Trev Winter XRAY T3 2011
4. Kent Perry XRAY T3 2011

5. Ian Rickerby
6. Kerry Martin
7. Graham Barthow XRAY T3 2011
8. Matt Cambell
9. Douglas Stratton XRAY T3 2011

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