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Race report by Alexander Hagberg
The annual Swedish Christmas Race is held to celebrate St. Lucy Day on December 13. It is always held at the permanent indoor track at Boras MRK in the small village of Viskafors, close to Gothenburg. The race is normally attended by many top Swedish drivers in the TC and 1/12 categories. The controlled tire used this time was the Sorex 32 pre-glued tires by Schumacher. The 1/12 class was run (as always) with a 13.5T motor limit and any ESC. Racers included the usual suspects such as myself, Niclas Nilsson, Magnus Vässmar, Michael Nilsson, and 1/8 off-road ace David Ronnefalk.

As always in Boras, traction levels were fairly low, which was also a result of the low temperature inside the hall. I had to adjust my set-up a little from the previous weekend where I finished 2nd at the Italian GP. For qualifying, I felt that I had a very fast car and could take TQ ahead of Magnus Vässmar and Niclas Nilsson. The race was surprisingly close between the top three drivers, but left a fairly large gap to the others. In 1/12 it was Niclas Nilsson who grabbed the TQ spot with a brilliant drive and a very well handling XII Link chassis.

The finals in TC were rather undramatic where I was able to pull away and keep a good distance ahead of Magnus to win the first two mains fairly easy. In 1/12 it was a completely different story though, where Niclas and 2nd-qualifier Christoffer Hedlund battled for the win, nose-to-tail, in the first two A-mains. After some nice driving, Niclas took the win, so XRAY won both of these prestigious categories.

TC results
1. Alexander Hagberg - XRAY T3'2011
2. Magnus Vässmar - XRAY T3'2011
3. Niclas Nilsson - XRAY T3

1/12 results
1. Niclas Nilsson - XRAY XII LINK
2. Christoffer Hedlund
3. Mackan Göransson