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Race report by Ken Ng
Everyone has been anticipating the first race of 2011 at the new mid-size and technical track, Puteri Mart. It has been a turbo affair whereby most of the drivers are experimenting with their turbo ESCs.

During the first qualifying heat, Ken Ng was piloting the new XRAY T3’11 equipped with a Speed Passion GT2.0 PRO and Orca RX II 5.5t motor. Ken clinched the TQ Honors with the fastest laptime of 12.041sec and with an overall of 24laps @ 5:02.709. As traction changed later in the day, no one could beat Ken’s laptime. JazzCK was piloting a new XRAY T3’11 and was the second driver who managed to set 24 laps @ 5:11.256 with a best lap of 12.311sec. It was a proud moment for XRAY as there were seven cars in the A-Main Final.

Final Top 10 Qualifiers
1. Ken Ng, XRAY T3’11
2. Jazzck, XRAY T3’11
3. Bernard, XRAY T3

4. Paul Lok
5. P.Y. Tang, XRAY T3’11
6. Jonest
7. Henry Kwong
8. Lee Han Chuang, XRAY T3
9. How, XRAY T3’11
10. B.H Gan, XRAY T3’11

The first A-Main final was full of drama with collisions happening after the straight sweeper giving room for the leader Ken. He lead until the 4min mark but made a small mistake which allowed 2nd place PY Tang to pass. As the traction changed, most of the drivers were struggling with loose tails. It was down to the last corner, where PY Tang hit a struggling back marker and allowed Ken (who was following closely behind) to pass and win the first final by 0.809sec. The Top 3 drivers were Ken, PY Tang and Paul Lok.

Traction during the second final was no better but the leader seemed to have the grip to win the race. Ken lead all the way without any mistakes, finishing with 24 laps @ 5:05.908. The closest challenger, PY Tang, came from last place in the first corner to take 2nd place with 23 laps @ 5:05.629. JazzCK took 3rd spot. So it was up to PY Tang, JazzCK and Paul Lok to battle for the top podium spots.

During the last final, PY Tang had some bad luck with a stripped gear, JazzCK could only manage 2nd spot, while Paul Lok came in 5th. With the 2 best results combined, XRAY dominated the race with all top 3 drivers running the latest T3’11.

Final Top 10 Standings
1. Ken Ng – XRAY T3’11
2. P.Y. Tang – XRAY T3’11
3. Jazzck – XRAY T3’11

4. Paul Lok
5. Bernard Lee – XRAY T3
6. Henry Kwong
7. Lee Han Chuang – XRAY T3
8. How – XRAY T3’11

9. Jonest Wong
10. B.H Gan – XRAY T3’11