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JBRCC held their first round GP and EP race at UTM Track on March 20, 2011. This will be the first round of many that will be held across the Johor state of Malaysia. The newly-resurfaced UTM track has much better traction than before and so reduced tire wear. In the EP class, P.Y.Tang from Team XRAY Singapore and Team Orca managed to take the win despite starting from 2nd. Chee Lip Keong (driving a Tamiya and H-Energy) took 2nd and Jonest Wong (Tamiya) completed the podium in 3rd. TQ was held by Nicholas Lee who finished 4th.

In the EP qualifying rounds, Nicholas Lee led the pace clocking 24 laps @ 5:09.966 in heat 2 to take the TQ honor. P.Y.Tang could not get his Orca-powered XRAY T3'11 to handle well enough and managed only 23 laps @ 5:03.610 to qualify 2nd.

Top 10 Qualifying Standings EP A-Main:
1. Nicholas Lee
2. P.Y.Tang – XRAY T3'11
3. Jonest Wong
4. Chee Lip Keong
5. Paul Lok
6. Jazz CK – XRAY T3'11
7. Lee Han Chuang – XRAY T3'11

8. Domok
9. Tan Kiat Shiong – XRAY T3'11
10. Lawson Wong

During the Finals P.Y.Tang switched to the OrcaQ QX1 11.5T Limited Edition Brushless Motor with turbo boost while keeping his other set-up. With this change, P.Y.Tang posted better lap times and also the fastest lap times in the finals. Nicholas Lee started from pole and was immediately followed closely by P.Y.Tang, both pulling away from the rest, but unfortunately Nicholas Lee suffered from technical issues in Final A1 and A3 preventing him from a podium finish. P.Y.Tang said that his XRAY T3'11 was so much easier to drive and more consistent after changing to the OrcaQ QX1 11.5T and he used the same turbo boost settings that he previously used in TITC 2011. He won the first two finals to take the overall win. Chee Lip Keong took advantage of Nicholas Lee’s technical issues to take 2nd in Final A1 and 2nd in Final A3 for an overall 2nd place finish. Jonest Wong completed the podium in 3rd place.

Top 10 Final Standings EP A-Main:
1. P.Y.Tang – XRAY T3’11
2. Chee Lip Keong
3. Jonest Wong
4. Nicholas Lee
5. Paul Lok
6. Lee Han Chuang – XRAY T3’11
7. Lawson Wong
8. Tan Kiat Shiong – XRAY T3’11
9. Domok