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The fifth round of the Puerto Rican Championship went underway last Sunday. Weather forecasts were not looking pretty good for the entire weekend, but it held enough for the race. We arrived early at the track Sunday morning after having a good practice and testing session the day before. In the early morning controlled practice, Juan Rodriguez and I decided to test some setup changes for both of our cars which really helped in the qualifiers.

Juan was able to TQ in both of the qualifiers ahead of the entire pack, even with qualifiers filled with traffic. I was able to achieve the second fastest qualifying time in the second qualifier after running out of fuel 3 turns behind the scoring line.

A few minutes before the lunch break was over, rain started pouring down and none of the mains were ran. Team XRAY was able to place 5 out of the 10 cars directly in the A Main, and had good chances of having two more XRAY cars bump up from the B main.

The team, Juan and I would like to thank RCAmerica for all the support they have provided us.

Final results:

1) Juan C Rodriguez – XRAY NT1
2) Jesus M Rivera – XRAY NT1

3) Andy Baez
4) Franco Machado
5) Jose A Martinez – XRAY NT1
6) Edgar Tirado
7) Fernando Mendez
8) Guillermo Camacho – XRAY NT1
9) Norberto Rodriguez – XRAY NT1

10) Felix Ortiz