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Race report by Martin Strittmatter
On the first weekend of May, the second race of the Swiss Championship was held on one of the most beautiful R/C tracks in Switzerland - Schaffhausen. After the success of Team XRAY at the first race two months ago, all drivers wanted to beat Philipp Hagnauer in ProStock and Martin Strittmatter in Modified class.

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Controlled practice was held for most of Saturday to give all drivers equal chance to adapt their cars to the low-grip conditions and find also a set-up which would work under hot conditions that the weather forecast had foretold for the weekend. Both Philipp and Martin drove very fast lap times from the first practice heat to the last. Also, the third Team XRAY driver Mario Rigert (Modified) impressed everyone with a very good performance.

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The first round of qualifying was scheduled to Saturday evening and all drivers were excited how the cars will work under colder conditions. The XRAY drivers had great performances with the 3rd fastest time in ProStock. Additionally the two Modified drivers took 1st and 2nd spots. A perfect start!

As such, the starting positions for the deciding day was very good. We were very confident on Sunday morning about achieving good results in this race. In the last three rounds of qualifying, this confidence resulted in 2nd position ProStock and 1st and 2nd positions in Modified.

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The finals in ProStock had very close racing, with two victories in the first two finals by Philipp Hagnauer. He decided to watch the last final from the rostrum to enjoy the close battles amongst his opponents.

In Modified class it was Martin Strittmatter who succeeded in all three finals. From the pole position start – with teammate Mario Rigert right behind him – he lead from start to finish. Unfortunately, Mario Rigert had some bad luck with an accident right after the start in the first final, a technical problem in second, and a mistake in third final.

All in all it was a very good performance of Team XRAY at this event. We hope we could stay at this level for the next three rounds of Swiss Championship!

Overall ranking ProStock:
1. Hagnauer Philipp XRAY T3'11
2. Tschupp Philip
3. Kuriger Sandro
4. Hauser Florian
5. Stutz Beni

Overall ranking Modified:
1. Martin Strittmatter XRAY T3'11
2. Julian Borowski
3. Lars Weisskopf
4. BĂĽrgin Lukas
5. Huber Philipp
6. Ghirlanda Daniel
7. Rigert Mario XRAY T3'11
8. Bösiger Marc
9. James Daniel
10. DeMarco Bastien

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