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Andreas Myrberg
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Second Qualify to All Japanese Championship

In Japan there is a little different system to be able to race the National Championship. Here it is first 2 qualifying races and then if you make both these, you can race the BIG one. This is mostly done so that poeple who is not japanese wont enter the event. The reason for this is of course that the level of competition in Japan is very high, and considered as on of the hardest races in the world to win.

The qualify races is split up in different areas of the country, depending of where you live.
1:st qualifying I had already passed and now it was up for the second qualifying and also the first race for me with my new car and sponsor, TEAM XRAY.

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Andreas in action
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1. Daisuke Yoshioka HPI
2. Satoshi Maezumi Tamiya
3. Andreas Myrberg Xray

Setup of Andreas Myrberg is available for download here at www.myTSN.com

The full report from Andreas Myrberg can be found here.