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Race report by Schär Traugott
Round 2 of the Swiss Nationals was held between May 14-15, 2011 — two weeks after the first round — at the biggest track in Switzerland: Lostallo. The operator was the MRCU Wallisellen (not the MRTM) which rented the track and did a great job this weekend.

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Like in Aigle I started in both classes. The RX8 was working very well with the set-up from Aigle. I drove the NT1 satisfied with the set-up of the B-EC 2010.

After qualification I succeeded in both classes and achieved both pole positions. Like at Aigle I had to drive semi-finals because of the rule that nobody is directly qualified into the main final. In 1/10th I managed to get 3rd spot for the A-Main despite one engine breakdown and a start out of pit lane.

This time the A-Main of 1/8th was before the 1/10th. While running in my car I recognized a transmitter problem (like in Aigle) and this time I got a start delay of 10min. After rebinding transmitter and receiver the car was great. Because of the start delay I had to start from last position. At first it was very difficult fighting my way through the field. But it was all clear and fair and therefore it was a pleasure to overtake the whole field and winning the final of 1/8th IC track Class 2 ahead of Hanspeter Hulliger and Theo Giannakos.

Like at the first race in Aigle there was no break between both classes I was running. Learning by my previous problems I went downstairs to rebind the transmitter and receiver. All went perfectly but then my engine betrayed me. I was very upset about it, but after so many races without any engine problems I should not be dissatisfied with the race. I was happy about the win of my friend Marc Heim followed by Shasa Lackner and Stephan Fischer.

The third round of the Swiss Nationals will also be held at the Lostallo track – but this time with MRTM Lostallo as organiser and driving in the opposite direction.

I want to say thank you to XRAY, Tiago Conte from RC Extreme for all the nice pictures and movies, and Martin Strittmatter for the translation of the report.

Also a great ‶thank you※ to my mechanics Giacomo Moretti and Monika!

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1/10th final results:
1. Heim Marc XRAY NT1
2. Lackner Shasa
3. Fischer Stephan XRAY NT1
4. Marco Reiser XRAY NT1
5. Ackermann Monika XRAY NT1
6. Schär Traugott XRAY NT1

7. Giovanni Bonetti
8. Born Daniel XRAY NT1
9. Noirat Jeremy
10. Lehnherr Christian XRAY NT1

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1/8th IC track Class 2 final results:
1. Schär Traugott XRAY RX8
2. Hulliger Hanspeter
3. Giannakos Theo
4. Sengstag Marc
5. Knorn Tom XRAY RX8
6. Schwendimann Daniel
7. Huonder Iso
8. Kurzbuch Pascal
9. Biernat Christopher
10. Moretti Giacomo XRAY RX8

Set-up sheet
Schär Traugott's NT1