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Race report by Martin Strittmatter
Round 4 of the Swiss Nationals E10 TC was held during the hottest weekend in summer of 2011. Both ProStock and Modified XRAY drivers had the possibility to take the title – Philipp Hagnauer and Martin Strittmatter. Philipp had to finish in 3rd position and Martin had to finish 5th.

The race was held in Oey nearby Bern, the capital of Switzerland, on a very nice floating track. As said before the weather was very, very hot but the cars were working very well even under such extremely conditions.

In ProStock the field was very close together and therefore Philipp Hagnauer could be safe starting in ‶just※ 4th fourth place. In Modified, Martin Strittmatter gained the pole position with ease.

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The finals in ProStock were great racing because of four people who could drive nearly the same lap times. Philipp could always get a great 2nd place in all three finals – but that was not enough! Three persons had one win and one third place, which gave Philipp the bad 4th place. Why bad? Because Philipp could save the title only by finishing in 3rd position! Such bad luck.

Things were very different in the Modified division. Martin Strittmatter conserved his performance in qualification and won the first two finals easily. Therefore he is the new Swiss Champion 2011!!!

Overall ranking ProStock:
1. Tschupp Philipp
2. Allemann Simon
3. Markus Streuli
4. Hagnauer Philipp XRAY T3'11
5. Widmer Fabian

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Overall ranking Modified:
1. Strittmatter Martin XRAY T3'11
2. Ghirlanda Daniel
3. Philipp Huber
4. James Daniel
5. BĂĽrgin Lukas

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