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The third and last race of the Greek Championship took place in Athens on September 11. There were not a lot of participants but the majority were XRAY drivers.

From the qualification runs, XRAY drivers had a good set-up and managed to capture the TQ and most of the A final places.

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Konstadopoulos borrowed his speedo to Dimitriou to win the race and he didn’t make the 2ND and 3rd final runs.

Dimitriou easily won the race but Georgiadis was the Greek Champion with the same points as Dimitriou. So 1st and 2nd places in the Greek Championship belonged to the T3 ’11.

Nick Georgiadis wants to thank XRAY, Nosram, Fanatix, RCring and his teammates for great help and support.

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Final positions
1. Dimitriou XRAY T3’11
2. Georgiadis XRAY T3’11

3. Likaris
4. Nikolakopoulos XRAY T3’11
5. Amaksas
6. Kiriazis XRAY T3’11
7. Eleutheriou
8. Savvakis XRAY T3’11
9. Hatzopoulos XRAY T3’11
10. Konstadopoulos XRAY T3’11

More photos and videos at www.rcdevil.gr