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Last weekend we had a race in Gubbio for the annual Novarossi Trophy. Pascuale and I decided to go to do some testing with our RX8 and confirm the excellent performance show during the last national in Gubbio. We arrived at the track on Friday morning and started testing different set-ups. The track was getting more grip as time went on, and we kept improving our lap times.

At this race, Mimmo Calce was also using the RX8 and he was also really fast. We compare two different features: he was using the standard chassis and radioplate, while I was using the flex device. After a day of comparing set-ups we both chose the flex configuration as the car had so much side grip and cornering speeds improving lap times over 2 tenths. We had really good feedback from Bracci Alessandro at his first race with 1:8 scale cars – he always raced an NT1. He was really good and got into the Main final.

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Qualification ran perfectly (4min heats), and I was able to get TQ and Mimmo got 4th place.


1. Fantini Massimo XRAY RX8

2. Renzi Morgan
3. Marchetti Jonatan
4. Calce Domenico XRAY RX8
5. Salemi Walter
6. Rinaldi Mattia
7. Gandin Stefano
8. Vanni Marco
9. Bracci Alessandro XRAY RX8
10. Brega Lorenzo
11. Calce Antonio

In the 30min main I had a really difficult time. My start was not very aggressive, and I was hit by another guy in corner 1 and I lost 1 lap. Then my refueling at 4min and tyre change (I was the only one) made my recovery a very thrilling race. At the end I was battling with Salemi and Marchetti who did not hinder my recovery and I was able to win by a 2-lap lead over Calce.

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Final results:
1. Fantini Massimo 116 laps XRAY RX8
2. Calce Domenico 113 XRAY RX8

3. Marchetti jonatan 111
4. Vanni Marco 111
5. Braga Lorenzo 110
6. Salemi Walter 95
7. Bracci Alessandro 94 XRAY RX8
8. Renzi Morgan 42
9. Gandin Stefano 40
10. Rinaldi Mattia 36
11. Calce Antonio 32

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In 10 scale, Biagio Spataro got 2nd place in qualifying but he had a lot of trouble in the final.

Qualifying results in 10 scale (11 people in the final):

1. Mazzeo Alessio
2. Spataro Biagio XRAY NT1
3. Gallesi Davide
4. Balestri Dario
5. Agostinelli Daniele XRAY NT1
6. Piersante Dante XRAY NT1

7. Piromalli Luca
8. De Felici Giorgio
9. Festuccia marco
10. Agostinelli Alessio XRAY NT1
11. Scaglioni Michele XRAY NT1

Final results in 10 scale:
1. Gallesi Davide
2. De Felici Giorgio
3. Scaglioni Michele XRAY NT1
4. Piromalli Luca
5. Piersante Dante XRAY NT1
6. Agostinelli Daniele XRAY NT1

7. Balestri Dario
8. Agostinelli Alessio XRAY NT1
9. Festuccia Marco
10. Mazzeo Alessio
11. Spataro Biagio XRAY NT1

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