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Sunday, Nov. 20th the 7th round of the Trophy CRO, nitro 1/10 200mm, was held at the Sintra track in Portugal.

For us the weekend race started on Sunday.

The track was still wet in the morning but it started to dry very fast. The lap times got much better every qualification. After the first and second qualifiers we achieved 1st place, but in the third qualifier (when the track was totally dry) there was a refuelling mistake and we lost the opportunity to keep TQ.

During lunch time we made slight changes to the set-up, which are published on the XRAY Web site.

The race started well and clean, with us chasing the No.1 car and then overtaking him. The overtaken car then had a problem with its 1st gear which gave us a 3-lap advantage, allowing us to slow down and lead until the finish line.

Our OS Speed 12XZ Spec II powered NT1’10 with Matrix tires was perfect the entire day.

We would like to thank to our friend Ricardo Silva that helped us in the fine tuning of our engine.

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