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The first round (of four) of the championship took place at the permanent indoor track in Scandiano, the same city where the second round of ETS took place. And like every year, last year’s champions were awarded just before the start of the new season. We are Italian, we like different ways…

2011 was an XRAY triumph, and all categories were won by drivers with a T3.

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Podium Mod 2011
1. Martini XRAY T3'12
2. Simari
3. Brunelli

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Podium 2011 Super Stock
1. Macchioni XRAY T3'12
2. Amadesi XRAY T3'12

3. Bigi

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Podium 2011 Stock
1. Pernice XRAY T3'12
2. Montecchi
3. Berlincioni

Back in the present, even on this occasion there was a huge number of participants: 100 drivers divided into 3 categories. And it goes without saying that most of them were XRAY drivers.

The new regulations include the Modified category and two similar Stock categories separated by driver performance. The race is held on one day with three qualifiers and three finals. Saturday’s tests made us hope for a nice race.

After a lot of testing the evening before the race, we tried some set-up changes that made for a further performance increase.

Qualifying Mod
Immediately from the first qualifying session, Menicucci took control of the race and kept it throughout all the qualifying sessions to win TQ. After him were Romagnoli and Martini.

At the end of the session there would be five T3 in the first 10 positions.

1. Menicucci XRAY T3 2012
2. Romagnoli
3. Martini XRAY T3 2012
4. Amadesi XRAY T3 2012
5. Torregiani XRAY T3 2012
6. Simari XRAY T3 2012
7. Macchioni XRAY T3 2012

8. Brunelli
9. Donadelli
10. Mancini

A little bit later the ‶historical※ group composed of DeLiguori Gennari and Micheli challenged in a final B and this was ‶XRAY rich”… 8 out of 10.

1. Minissale
2. De Liguori XRAY T3 2012
3. Zapparoli XRAY T3 2012
4. Campanini XRAY T3 2012
5. Gennari XRAY T3 2012
6. Manicardi XRAY T3 2012

7. Fenili
8. Gilioli XRAY T3 2012
9. Michieli XRAY T3 2012
10. Avoni XRAY T3 2012

In F1 after the first round, for various reasons all our hopes after qualifying were on Bisoli – the young but already very fast driver that started from 2nd position – and Radelli, a driver with much more experience.

1. Rabitti
2. Busoli XRAY T3 2012
3. Radaelli XRAY T3 2012

4. Berlincioni
5. Romagnoli
6. Vignolini
7. Pagani
8. Leonardi
9. Gentilini
10. Boni

In F2 Smerrieri got pole position and De Caro and Bazzani got 4th and 5th respectively. It was a 7th place result for Piacere.

1. Smerieri XRAY T3 2012
2. Piluzza
3. Fenili
4. De Caro XRAY T3 2012
5. Bazzani XRAY T3 2012

6. Pelagotti
7. Piacere XRAY T3 2012
8. Contorno
9. Gavi
10. Russo

Menicucci wanted to win this race without any pain: start first, finish first. He won the first 2 finals, claiming the overall victory before the third final.
After him, Romagnoli and Martini set off on a challenging duel in the second final where Amadesi ended in 4th place.

In the third final, Menicucci mades the only mistake of the day that cost him the win of the third final, due to touching the inside of the corner.

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Final results Mod
1. Menicucci Alessio XRAY T3 2012
2. Romagnoli Michele
3. Martini Francesco XRAY T3 2012
4. Brunelli Alessandro
5. Simari Andrea
6. Torreggiani Luca XRAY T3 2012
7. Amadesi Alberto XRAY T3 2012
8. Macchioni Diego XRAY T3 2012

9. Donadelli Marco
10. Mancini Alessio

Our drivers Busoli and Radelli made a lot of effort to beat Enrico Rabitti, but the old fox exploited his best experience and won the challenging race with Radelli ending in 2nd with the same points, winning one final and obtaining the 2nd place in the other one. For sure in the next races with more luck he could obtain much more. Busoli finished the race in 5th place.

Final results F1:

1. Rabitti
2. Radaelli XRAY T3 2012
3. Vignolini
4. Romagnoli
5. Busoli XRAY T3 2012
6. Berlincioni
7. Leonardi
8. Pagani
9. Boni
10. Gentilini

Smerieri and De Caro each won one final, but victory went to Piluzza.
Piacere ended the race in 5th place, Bazzani in 7th.

Final results F2:

1. Piluzza
2. Smerieri XRAY T3 2012
3. De Caro XRAY T3 2012

4. Pelagotti
5. Piacere XRAY T3 2012
6. Fenili
7. Bazzani XRAY T3 2012
8. Russo
9. Gavi
10. Contorno

Thanks to Ilvano Cantoni for photos.

Set-up sheet
Alessio Menicucci