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Alpe Adria Cup starts in April at beautiful Slovenian track in Tolmin.

1/10 and 1/8 I.C. Track MONOTYRE racing series

4 countries – 4 races
Monotyre racing gives same condition for everybody No additives allowed (park ferme) Low cost racing (limited tyres) Superpole before the main final The motto of Alpe Adria Cup 2012: FUN - FAIR RACING – FRIENDSHIP

Why to participate at the Alpe Adria Cup 2012?
- to enjoy racing and have fun
- to meet new friends
- to race in equal conditions as other racers
- to be competitive without the need of high budget
- to get your first racing experience on a racetrack
- to meet some pro class drivers and get some support
- to be Alpe Adria Cup 2012 champion and get some factory support for the next season
- to be able to win some great lottery prizes

Complete info at: http://alpe-adria-cup.yolasite.com

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About the idea
More then ten years ago we've had this kind of racing series, and now we would like to continue with it. We think that this is a good opportunity for young and hobby racers to have their spot in RC Car racing which is becoming more and more professional based.

That's why we introduced a monotyre, monoshore competition with limited tyres available at affordable prices. The tyres before and during the event will be secured, so any additive abuse will be disabled and all competitors will have the same conditions to show their skills!

There will be 4 categories: 1/10 and 1/8 I.C. + Beginners + Pro 1/10 and 1/8 class.

You can check for more info in the Rules section!

On every race there will be few "Pro" racers to help with car set-up and to show how it should be done.

We would like this racing series to become a great friendly meeting, not only and exclusively racing.

Race Calendar

1st race:
28-29 April
Tolmin (Slovenia)

2nd race: 2-3 June
Zagreb (Croatia)

3rd race: 22-23 September
Kirchberg/Raab (Austria)

4th race: 12-14 October
Cervignano (Italy)

Contact: http://alpe-adria-cup.yolasite.com/contact-us.php