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The last weekend of March in Holešov was the biggest competition of the winter season... the indoor Czech Championship 2012 for 1/10 scale on-road. There were 85 cars racing in 4 categories: Hobby, Formula, GT, and Open. The track was quite fast, with best lap times about 13.5 seconds. The racing atmosphere was very friendly, nevertheless the runs were very dramatic but very clean without collisions.

We ran free practice on Friday, qualifications on Saturday, and finals on Sunday.

We ran five qualifiers, where the best two were counted towards the finals. Qualifiers were very tight, with Peter Grof taking TQ over Jaroslav KopeckĂ˝:

1. Grof Petr XRAY T3'12
2. KopeckĂ˝ Jaroslav XRAY T3'12
3. Višín JiřĂ­ XRAY T3'12

4. BlahovskĂ˝ Michael
5. Ĺ imurda Jakub XRAY T3'12
6. Hola VĂ­tězslav XRAY T3'12
7. Abrahámek Michal XRAY T3'12
8. HavlĂ­ček Jan XRAY T3'12
9. Kurečka LudvĂ­k XRAY T3'12
10. Ĺ evčĂ­k Martin XRAY T3'12

The Open category had four finals. The best drivers in final A were nervous, but all three starts were very clean and tactful. The first final was won by Jaroslav KopeckĂ˝, the second by Peter Grof, so the last final would decide the winner. Peter won that last final, ahead of Jaroslav by only 0.3 seconds. It was so tight! Thanks for great track preparation and thanks to director of the event.

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Final results:
1. Grof Petr XRAY T3 2012
2. KopeckĂ˝ Jaroslav XRAY T3 2012
3. Ĺ imurda Jakub XRAY T3 2012 (junior Champion)
4. Višín JiřĂ­ XRAY T3 2012
5. Hola VĂ­tězslav XRAY T3 2012
6. Abrahámek Michal XRAY T3 2012
7. Kurečka LudvĂ­k XRAY T3 2011
8. HavlĂ­ček Jan XRAY T3 2012
9. Ĺ evčĂ­k Martin XRAY T3 2011

10. BlahovskĂ˝ Michael