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Round 2 of the Portuguese Nationals took place on Sunday, May 15th, 2012 at the Maia track (ARMAIA). Classes run included nitro 1:10 & 1:8. Congratulations go out to the organization of this event because everything was well prepared, including the food thanks to Mrs. Vitoria. We’ve found they are really nice people!

We arrived on Saturday for intensive training since this was our first time at this track. As always it was easy to find the right set-up for the NT1 but the engine made our lives miserable. First because the temperature and the humidity were too high (58%) and second because this was the first time using a new fuel (our supplier failed with our fuel).

We made first position in our semi-final but due to a problem in the computer they put us on 5th position of the grid – no problem at all.

For an unknown reason, the foam of the rear right tire cracked which has forced us to replace it at about 10 minutes into the race, and consequently we lost 2-3 laps to the leader. After 30 minutes we reached the chequered flag in 2nd place without a single incident, 4 laps behind Bruno Coelho and 10 seconds ahead of Mario Miranda.

The race was really amazing in terms of direct competition and fair play and the final result was three friends on the podium.

We used OS Speed 12XZ Spec II engine and Matrix tires.

Final results:
1. Bruno Coelho
2. Pedro Sousa – XRAY NT1'12
3. Mario Miranda
4. Antonio Silva
5. Hugo Mendes
6. Jose Santos
7. Pedro Batista
8. Antonio Maximiano
9. Arlindo Andrade – XRAY NT1
10. Emanuel Marques – XRAY NT1