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Race report by Georg Ellingsen
The first 1:10 on-road track race in Norway was held at Geitryggen in Skien, and it was 19 drivers that started. This is the smallest track we have just under 200 meters, and it is a mixed, low-medium grip and bumpy track. The weather was dry but cold at only 9-10 degrees.

After qualification it was Adrian Berntsen that took TQ. At the start of the final, no one could challenge Adrian, Helge was in 2nd and Georg was in 3rd. It was like this for about 36 minutes and Georg’s car started to lose traction at the rear, he went in to the pits to
find out that his left rear tire was gone and had to change it. This pit stop gave another XRAY driver (Oyvind Stusdal) the chance to take 3rd place, Georg came out of the pits ahead of Oyvind, but Georg`s car was not the best to drive and Oyvind finished in 3rd, only 2 seconds ahead of Georg.

Final results:

1. Adrian Berntsen
2. Helge Johannessen
3. Oyvind Stusdal Xray NT1 2012
4. Georg Ellingsen Xray NT1 2012
5. Bjorn Dahl Xray NT1 2011

6. Knut Enger
7. Ole Bro
8. Joakim Nikolaisen
9. Trygve Bull Freng Xray NT1 2011
10. Christian Hovden

Set-up sheet
Georg Ellingsen