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Race report by Pedro Sousa
Round 3 of the Portuguese Nationals took place Sunday, June 10th, 2012, at the Coimbra track (AAC).

During the training sessions on Saturday, the track didn't have any grip because it was dirty and afterwards it started to rain. Nevertheless we managed to find a solid set-up which we improved upon the next day. On Sunday it was raining before lunch and consequently it was declared a wet race. We made a couple of laps just to qualify for the semi-finals.

From the semi-finals we managed to get TQ.

During the final, the car ran out of fuel and we lost some laps for refilling and we restarted in 3rd place, 2 laps down from the 2nd place driver. After that, it was a battle until the last corner to reclaim 2nd place, which we got in the last laps. We finished the race in 2nd place only 15 seconds ahead of the 3rd place driver.

We used the new 2012 chassis plate (XR331103) thanks to NN-Modelismo.
We also used an OS Speed 12XZ Spec II engine, Matrix tires, and Spark fuel.

Thank you very much to our friends Cesar Coelho and Luis Franco for the fine tuning of our engine.

Final results:

1. Bruno Coelho
2. Pedro Sousa – XRAY NT1’12
3. Mario Miranda
4. Emanuel Marques – XRAY NT1
5. Antonio Maximiano
6. Rogerio Araujo – XRAY NT1
7. Rui Completo
8. Nuno Almeida – XRAY NT1
9. Filipe Pinheiro
10. Jose Bagorro