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Report by Georg Ellingsen
Round 3 of the 200mm IC Track Norwegian Nationals was held at the track in Valdres, where the National Championship will be held later this year. This is a special track with about 4 meters height difference from the one side to the other, and four 180° turns.

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The weather forecast for the weekend showed rain but there was sun on Friday so I decided to take the trip one day early for some practice on a dry track to find a set-up for the upcoming championship in August.

Saturday morning forecast rain so I prepared the car for wet racing. The car ran smoothly for the qualifiers and I took 2nd place in the finals behind Helge Johannessen.

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For the finals it was slightly lighter weather at the start, but then it started to rain again. At the start of the final I took over 1st place ahead of Helge and held the lead for about 25-30 minutes when I hit a board and the left rear tire got damaged. I chose to change the tire and so I lost my lead to Helge by 4 laps at the end of 45 minutes. Helge won with 3 laps ahead of me.

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Final results:
1. Helge Johannessen
2. Georg Ellingsen – XRAY NT1
3. Kai Hogden – XRAY NT1

4. Thomas Holmesland
5. Andre Roine – XRAY NT1
6. Roger Larsen – XRAY NT1

7. Espen Fjeldvaer
8. Espen Myhre – XRAY NT1

Set-up sheet:
Georg Ellingsen