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Race report by Mattia Pesenti
Finally we had a sunny weekend and the first race under dry conditions. Friday morning they put sugar water on the track so at 1400hrs we could start practice. We tried many things and the car was really good and fast. Hächler and Müller were also very fast.

1/10 class:

Traugott Schär drove a perfect final, finishing in 1st place.

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Top 3 1/10:
1. Traugott Schär XRAY NT1’12
2. Sandro Kuriger
3. Helli Spreng

Amateur class:
In the Amateur class, Asendorf was dominating the final but he had some problems so Pasquin took the lead ahead of Giacomo Moretti and Scherer Rudi.

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Top 3 Amateur:
1. Claudio Pasquin
2. Giacomo Moretti XRAY RX8 ’12
3. Rudi Scherer

Expert class:
It was the most strange and unlucky final I have had in 20 years of racing. Kurzbuch, Müller, Hächler and I started very fast. Müller had some trouble but at the first pit stop I had to do a stop & go, but afterwards I was still in 3rd position. After 10 minutes of racing, I had the first problem and I lost 3-4 minutes and then I started, but after another 5mins a ball-bearing broke. I lost 15 minutes repairing it and I ran the last 10mins but I lost too much time and so I finished 9th.

Many others drivers had problems, with only Euro-B Finalist Hasler Remy and Ali Renato having no problems and after a perfect final Remy won his first Swiss Championship race followed by Renato Ali and Roland Stalder.