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Race Report By Georg Ellingsen
4-5 of August it was set for the National Championship in Valdres. 26 drivers attended this race; the weather for the race was unstable with light showers. Thursday and Friday I was on track for some practice to fine tune my setup from previous race.

It was scheduled for 5 qualifiers, 4 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday morning. And with rain on Friday night it took some time before the track was fully dry, so the last qualifier on Saturday I got my best qual. In front of Helge Johannessen and Frank Andersen and was overnight TQ.

On the Sunday morning the track was dry and it seemed that this will be the fastest qual. At the start of the 3 minutes warm up my car felt wery good. And it seemed that an improvement of qual time was in reach. But in the start of the qualifier my rear belt snap right of and I have to retire.

Tom Erik Haaversen and Frank improved their time and was now 2nd and 3rd behind Georg Ellingsen.

Top 3 Qualifiers
1. Ellingsen Georg Xray NT1-12
2. Haaversen Tom Erik Serpent
3. Andersen Frank Xray NT1-12

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For the final it started to get more clouds and it seems that I could rain and 10 minutes before the start of the final the skies just opened, so there was a lot of adjustments and water proofing going on in the pits before the start , I had a good start but got some problems after 10 minutes with my engine and dropped down the field
In the lead it was the young Fredrik Flatland that have it all in control, just with Tom Erik right behind and that would also be the final standing for these 2 drivers. Fredrik won his first Championship and also the His Majesty silver cup.

The final standings after 45 minutes wet racing

1. Flatland Fredrik Xray NT1-12

2. Haaversen Tom Erik
3. Hovden Christian
4. Andersen Frank Xray NT1-12
5. Larsen Roger Xray NT1-12
6. Ellingsen Georg Xray NT1-12
7. Magnussen Johnny Xray NT1-12

8. Ersland Werner
9. Andersen Oyvind Xray NT1-12
10. Johannessen Helge

Set-up sheet
Georg Elligsen