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Race report by Fanatix
The first race of the new ‶ATTIKO※ championship organized at our Fanatix Racing Track attracted the elite of Greek 1/10 nitro racers. Xray NT1 was once again the most preferable car. There is also a stock class limited by the engine restrictions.

The temperature in Greece this time of year is still very high and this made the race very difficult for racers, cars, engines,tires.

Qualification results MOD
1. Dimitriou XRAY NT1
2. Gazetas XRAY NT1

3. Tsiougos
4. Agelakopoulos XRAY NT1
5. Kouretas
6. Toras
7. Theodoropoulos
8. Platanas XRAY NT1
9. Kenkes
10. Gaitis XRAY NT1

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Final results MOD A-final:
1. Agelakopoulos XRAY NT1
2. Dimitriou XRAY NT1

3. Theodoropoulos
4. Gazetas XRAY NT1
5. Platanas XRAY NT1

6. Toras
7. Gaitis XRAY NT1
8. Kenkes
9. Kouretas
10. Tsiougos

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Final results MOD B-final:
1. Tsistas XRAY NT1
2. Papamathaiou XRAY NT1

3. Christdoulou

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Final results STOCK:
In the stock class NT1 got full podium:

1. Panagiotou XRAY NT1
2. Podikis XRAY NT1
3. Kovaios XRAY NT1

Congratulations to all racers and their mechanics.