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Race report by Pedro Sousa
The 5th round of the Portuguese Nationals, nitro 1/10 and 1/8, took place on September 9th, 2012, at Sintra track, CRO, Portugal, our home track. The weather was really great.

Track was almost clean and with good grip. We started with the setup from previous race ran two weeks ago and the car was perfect as well the engine. We’ve started immediately to decrease the lap time.

Unfortunately we were not able to secure TQ because we took a lot of traffic in our semi-final, even so the difference was very small.

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After 30 minutes we’ve reach the chequered flag in first place without a single incident and 4 laps ahead the rest of the drivers. Our best lap was 22.708 (better than two weeks ago 23.166). We made 76 laps in 30:12.607 (two weeks ago 74 laps in 30:18.741).

We used an OS Speed 12XZ Spec II engine, Contact RC tires, Spark fuel and Blitz Cruze car body.

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Final results:
1. Pedro Sousa – XRAY NT1’12
2. Jorge Brito – XRAY NT1

3. Mario Miranda
4. Franco Vilarinho
5. Emanuel Marques – XRAY NT1
6. Nuno Almeida – XRAY NT1

7. Hugo Mendes
8. Antonio Silva
9. Antonio Maximiano
10. Rogerio Araujo – XRAY NT1